Sairme water is extracted from the depths of the mountains located in area Sairme in the center of the Small Caucasian Ridge, in the western part of Georgia, in environmentally protected area.

Sairme is one of the most known resorts of a Meskheti ridge. The area of Sairme is considered an ideal base for people interested to familiarize themselves with the Alpine zone of the Small Caucasian ridge. Towards south-east it is connected with Borjomi-Kharagauli national park.

The springs of Sairme mineral water are situated at 950 m above sea level, in one of the most picturesque slopes of a Meskheti ridge – on gorge of the mountain river Tsablaristskali. Mountain spring water Nakaduli is born at an altitude of 2000 m, in deep layers of rock in the upper part of a valley of the river Tsablaristskali.

In the same place, the enterprise bottling plant is also located. Water is delivered to the factory on pipelines where, after further process of a filtration, it gets poured in glass and PET bottles in various bottling formats.

Recently the factory’s full modernization and reconstruction was completed. Nowadays, the plant is equipped with an advanced European bottling line at all stages of the production cycle. At the factory, two automatic industrial bottling lines are filling various types of bottles, making possible in one month the production that was done in a whole year before the modernization of the plant.

The laboratory of the factory was equipped with advanced testing equipments which provide a regular strict control of the production quality.