For an adult, the daily calcium intake is recommended to be around 1.000 mg. This quantity varies according to age and gender. For example, women over 40 years old require more minerals, because of the hormonal chances their bodies go through after menopause.

Everyday we take calcium from various food sources: dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt), white beans, canned fish, seeds and some fruits. Sairme Mineral Water offers you the supplement you need to meet your daily requirement of calcium, since it has a balanced composition and up to 270 mg/liter of calcium.

Several medical studies have found that the presence of bicarbonates in the water (HCO3-) improves the retention of the calcium by the human body.

The sodium in the mineral water helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome, one study found. Other studies found that sodium, in the case of bicarbonate-rich waters, plays an important role in reducing blood pressure. However, this recommendation needs to be taken moderately, as the daily sodium intake should be reduced.

The sodium should not be confused with table salt. In combination with chlorine (Cl), sodium gives table salt, which actually increases your blood pressure. But in combination with the bicarbonates (HCO3-) in the mineral water, sodium helps reduce the blood presure.

Sairme offers a lower amount of sodium than other mineral waters, on average 550 mg/liter, allowing you to enjoy a fresh taste everyday, while protecting your heart. At the same time, because of its combination with bicarbonates, sodium in Sairme mineral water is an excellent relief for heartburns.

The daily recommended intake of magnesium (Mg) is around 300 mg for an adult. This helps alleviate health problems including muscle cramps, premenstrual tension and kidney stones, helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, keeps bones strong.

Of course, there are other ways to get magnesium. Brown rice, almonds and spinach are all examples of good sources of magnesium. But drinking mineral water can definitely add to your intake of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Sairme provides up to 130 mg/liter of magnesium.

Enjoy every day the natural spring of well-being.