You are 70% water. Your new born baby is almost 90% water.

Most of the water in our bodies is found in blood, which transports nutrients and minerals to the cells and drains off residues and toxins.

Everyday your body loses naturally about 2 liters of water and precious minerals that need to be replenished, for you to be able to work, play and enjoy life. In summer, this quantity might even be bigger. Your body will lose faster its precious reserve of water trying to cool down.

The mineral water, compared to tap water, contains much more minerals and micro-elements that are beneficial to your health.

You are what you drink. Enjoy every day Sairme mineral water to keep your body’s natural balance.

Mineral water and wine

Because of its balanced content of minerals, pleasant neutral taste and soft bubbles, Sairme mineral water is ideal for creating mixed drinks. Either for refreshing cocktails or wine coolers, Sairme is the ideal partner to make every drink “sparkly”!

Sairme is an ideal accompaniment for fine wines and good food.

Mineral water and coffee and tea

We all enjoy our morning or afternoon coffee. But the caffeine in the coffee has a dehydrating effect on our bodies, draining out more water than normal. The best way to replenish this is by drinking mineral water or even spring water.

A good rule of thumb is to have a glass of water for each cup of coffee. The water will counterbalances the fluid loss, neutralizes the palate and helps drain off irritants from the stomach. The coffee’s taste will be accentuated when drank together with Nakaduli Spring Water.

The tea, a delicate infusion, is very sensitive to the quality of the water used to prepare it.

Switching from regular tap water to Nakaduli Spring Water to prepare your teas, will not only improve the taste of the tea, but will allow the true potential of the natural essences in the tea leaves to better blend in the pure water.