Company “Sairme Mineral Waters” produces and distributes sparkling mineral water and non-carbonated spring of the famous Georgian brand Sairme. The production of the company is located in the resort Sairme, in Bagdati district of the Imereti region, Georgia

In 2009, radical modifications were implemented at the Sairme plant and a complete change of the production line was performed. The mineral water bottling equipment was replaced with a modern Italian line having automated equipment and computer systems. The plant’s laboratory was also completely refurbished with modern German equipment, providing strict control over the bottling process. In 2012 Company got the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.

The first mineral water bottling plant in Sairme was opened in 1944. At that time mineral water was bottled in a primitive way. Later on, the system has been gradually modified to modernize the equipment. Products were delivered on a vast market, covering nearly all parts of the Soviet Union, getting the approval of millions of satisfied consumers. However, the collapse of the USSR brought the plant operations to a halt and once again and the Sairme’s mineral waters were consumed only locally in the Sairme health resort. In 2006, “SAIRME Mineral Waters Ltd” got an official state license and became the only authorized producer of mineral waters in the resort. At that time the bottled water was sold mostly on the Georgian market.

Nowadays, “Sairme Mineral Waters Ltd”, is one of the leading, modern and highly equipped enterprise of producing mineral water in Georgia. The company produces a famous brand of mineral water of Georgia. Each year company’s sales are increasing in both domestic and foreign markets. Today, “Sairme Mineral Waters Ltd” exports its products to many countries around the world, allowing consumers to enjoy premium product, representing the part of Georgian gifts of nature.